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Sabtu, 21 November 2015

5 Advantages of The Duda Pro Partner Program

You’re already familiar with Duda’s powerful platform for creating mobile and responsive websites with a sleek, professional look. But do you know about all the benefits of our special program for web professionals Here are the top five advantages of the Duda Pro Partner Program:

logo duda mobile

1. White Labeled Editor & Tools
Partners are provided with an extensive array of white labeled tools, including a full version of the Duda editor, so everything is under their brand.

2. Competitive Pricing
Duda offers wholesale pricing with additional discounts for partners with a high volume of sites.

3. Priority Support
Duda partners have access to comprehensive phone and email support. Phone support hours are Mon.-Fri., 6AM-6PM PT.

4. Complete API Access
Duda’s API allows you to seamlessly incorporate every aspect of our platform into your service. Essentially, you can even recreate the entire Duda Mobile and Duda One customer experience on your website.

5. Site Management Dashboard
Once logged in, partners are provided with a special dashboard to easily organize and manage large numbers of sites under one account by utilizing labels and filters.


Start a 30-day free trial of Duda Pro today to see how much of an impact these advantages can make on your web design business.

5 Advantages of The Duda Pro Partner Program
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