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Jumat, 18 Desember 2015

Better Moderation Tools for Your Disqus Account

Better Moderation Tools for Your Disqus Account - As December comes to a close, so does 2015. But before the year is up, we wanted to spread some holiday cheer. Disqus are sending you our best wishes this holiday season, and along with them, some tips for making moderation faster, easier, and more efficient for 2016.

1. Improved Publisher Tools

‘Tis the season for easier, more efficient community management. This month, we released several improvements to our publisher tools to help make moderation even faster. Publishers can now edit comments inline using the ‘reply’ and ‘edit’ buttons under each comment. For bulk moderation, we’ve added unlimited loading of comments (fewer clicks!) and updated keyboard shortcuts. Go to https://disqus.com/admin/moderate/ and type ‘j’, ‘k’, and ‘n’ to see the changes, or type ‘?’ to view all keyboard shortcuts available to you.

2. Add Users to Your Organization
Add Users to Your Organization
Last month, we announced the ‘Organizations’ view—a new option for Primary Moderators that lets site owners track engagement and revenue across multiple forums. The new ‘Organizations’ view provides high-level statistics for performance across every site under one parent organization. If you’re a multi-site owner and would like other users to access the free ‘Organizations’ view.

3. Community Spotlight: Berkeleyside

Disqus publisher Berkeleyside recently made a call to its community in an effort to elevate the quality of online discussions. As one of the top news sites dedicated to local news in Berkeley, Calif., the publication is continuing the momentum driven by its team of four community moderators. Learn how Berkeleyside’s team is making strides to cultivate a community with its readers. And be sure to read our tips for creating your own community guidelines.

Better Moderation Tools for Your Disqus Account
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